#TrueCrime: YouTube Edition

This week’s blog post was supposed to be a piece about the best horror movies on Netflix and Amazon Prime, but following further inspection, they (the one’s who don’t want us to succeed) have removed them from the site, so as a default I will be introducing you to two of my favorite true crime YouTube playlists.

BuzzFeedBlue: Unsolved


This BuzzFeed series focuses on the mysterious circumstances surrounding some famous crimes, such as the Zodiac Killer and the Elisa Lam case. For those who may not enjoy too much suspense, creators Ryan and Brent break up their storytelling with some occasionally hilarious commentary and feedback. In addition to their true crime portion they also have a hilarious Unsolved: Supernatural segment where they indulge in the secret histories of the men in black and the Illuminati.

Cayleigh Elise


This YouTube channel focuses a bit more on the serious side of things. YouTuber Cayleigh Elise focuses on not only true crime events but also paranormal experiences. Her videos run longer than the standard five minute mark but are always infused with a great deal of information and insight into each case.


3 thoughts on “#TrueCrime: YouTube Edition”

  1. I always love the use of media and the like to enhance blog posts and these were really interesting. It’s always interesting to me how we as a society are always so fascinated with serial killers and their horrific crimes. Anyway awesome videos I will definitely be keeping track of that second Youtube channel.



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