Netflix Thriller review

So, after my last attempts at doing Netflix films failed, I decided to revisit it this week for some new recommendations. 

Colonia (2016)


Now, when I first saw the trailer for this film, I had real idea as to what this movie was about because the trailer makes it seem like Emma Watson and Daniel Bruhl are two star-crossed lovers stuck in a dystopian society. Upon watching the film and consulting Google, I found that this film is not about dystopia but about the very real events that occurred in Chile under the repressive regime of Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet. Bruhl plays a poltiical prisoner who is sent to the infamous Colonia Dignidad camp as punishment and Watson must bring him home. It sounds cliche, but the film is pretty intense, especially when you finish watching and realize that while Bruhl and Watson play fictional characters, the actual history behind Colonia Dignidad is completely true and incredibly disturbing.


#TrueCrime: YouTube Edition

This week’s blog post was supposed to be a piece about the best horror movies on Netflix and Amazon Prime, but following further inspection, they (the one’s who don’t want us to succeed) have removed them from the site, so as a default I will be introducing you to two of my favorite true crime YouTube playlists.

BuzzFeedBlue: Unsolved


This BuzzFeed series focuses on the mysterious circumstances surrounding some famous crimes, such as the Zodiac Killer and the Elisa Lam case. For those who may not enjoy too much suspense, creators Ryan and Brent break up their storytelling with some occasionally hilarious commentary and feedback. In addition to their true crime portion they also have a hilarious Unsolved: Supernatural segment where they indulge in the secret histories of the men in black and the Illuminati.

Cayleigh Elise


This YouTube channel focuses a bit more on the serious side of things. YouTuber Cayleigh Elise focuses on not only true crime events but also paranormal experiences. Her videos run longer than the standard five minute mark but are always infused with a great deal of information and insight into each case.

Horror Podcast Recommendations

(Royalty-free photo courtesy of Pixabay)

“Stuff You Missed In History Class”

Ok, so “Stuff You Missed” isn’t a horror podcast, but hear me out because some of these episodes are extremely creepy. While most episodes focus on little known historical figures and events, occasionally, they dedicate podcasts to historical mysteries, disappearances and infamous unsolved crimes. The wonderful thing about “Stuff You Missed” mystery episodes is that the narrators approach each mysterious topic with a hint of skepticism, so if you are not naturally inclined towards anything supernatural but still enjoy a good story these are for you. The narrators make a point to thoroughly investigate and research the subjects they chose to cover and provide concrete facts int he form of newspaper articles, testimonies, books and academic research. The podcast is available on their website, iTunes and Spotify.

“The Black Tapes” – PNWS

I found this podcast over the summer and honestly, it is one of the best horror/mystery podcasts out there. Although the plot is a complete work of fiction, it is designed to sound as authentic as “Serial.” The podcast follows Alex Reagan, a radio host and reporter who seeks the help of myth buster Dr. Richard Strand to help her uncover a mysterious disappearance. Pro tip: “The Black Tapes” must be listened to consecutively, so no skipping around! The podcast will soon air its third season and can be found on iTunes and Spotify.

“In the Dark” – APM Reports

This podcast, which is hosted by Madeleine Baran delves into the mysterious circumstances surrounding the case of Jacob Wetterling. The interesting part? Wetterling’s disappearance from a small Minnesota town took place 27 years ago and the killer was only revealed in 2016. Baran’s interviews navigates over 20 years of cold leads, police investigations, eyewitness testimony and the testimony of the police who were in charge of the case at that time. “In the Dark” can be listened to on Spotify and iTunes.